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What is a steam mop is better?


Modern appliances allow you to save a lot of free home time. In our time, it is not necessary to wash floors of the old method of “grandmother” – with a wooden mop and rags. This laborious method is clearly rooted in the past. Innovative steam mop to help tackle the floor cleaning faster and better.It should be a low-cost instrument and the luxury of buying can be absolutely any host. This article will deal with those in the details, what the Steam mop is better and how to make the right choice. Design tool

Steam mop is lightweight, multifunctional, working from home network. The power of these tools is usually about 5 kW of electricity they consume is not too much. Superficialally it resembles the usual equipment of traditional mop. The part often work Has a triangular shape and is attached to a long handle. The latter is generally adjustable in height.

Hostess to ask a question about what the steam mop is best is worth knowing that a tool of this type can be used not only for cleaning floors. Currently available models with removable steam generator. This item can be Used for the cleaning and pickling of clothes and furniture.Included with the mop is usually a large number of nozzles, designed to clean different types of floors.You can use this tool for the care of parquet, laminate, floors, tiles and So on. D.

The principle of

In fact, this is a conventional mopa steam cleaner. Its design includes a small tank, which is filled with water. When the mains takes its heat to reflux. The resulting hot steam is discharged through the holes in the bottom, And to soften the dirt. In addition, the available brush works on the lower surface of the working body. Therefore, with the floor removed stains and odors. At the same time made and disinfecting surfaces.

With this mop there is need to use all kinds of domestic chemical media. The intensity of the treatment adjusts the ability of the jet discharged from steam. To clean the garment and upholstery usually use the weak mode. For the care of carpet – medium The laminate of cardboard, floors and tiles are cleaned, including the tools to their maximum capacity.

Unfortunately, cleaning of polished windows, furniture and delicate fabrics can not use most models.

Steam Mop Species

So Mop it Steam better? Currently available devices have different: power

  • ;Weight
  • ;Number
  • Of functions;
  • Different modes of steam.

Steam Mop: Which is better?

Before buying the instrument is determined precisely why it is exactly what is needed. For example, if you want to only use it to wash floors in the usual city apartment, not necessarily to pay for a model with a large number Of tools and modes.

Of the weight of the device, of course, to a large extent, the ability to use it. The lighter the tool, the less they will get tired hands.However, for example, the carpet is better to clean the heavier mop.

Another aspect that must be taken care of to be sure – is the quality of plastic. Device, made from a thin and brittle material, probably does not serve much. Of course, purely visually determine how reliable a difficult material is. So, it is necessary to focus on the company-producer. Do not buy a mop unproven companies with a dubious reputation. Saving in this case is more than doubtful visit reviews for more details.

Data should see how long the device cable is. Of course, it should be enough to clean up the farthest corners of the apartment. Another important parameter – is the volume of the water tank. The compact swabs to 2.5 kg tank is very Small. Therefore, in the process of cleaning large surfaces they sometimes have to fill the water. Of course, this is not too convenient. However, a mop with large tanks and weigh respectively. With the purchase of such a model Heavy, it is necessary to pay attention primarily on the convenience and length of the grip. These latter have to be adjusted in height. This version – a little more comfortable steam mop. Which is better, so in this case depends on the size of the room.

As already mentioned, it is very easy to use, with mop steam generator considered removable.Use this element can not only steam cook clothes and furniture, but also for cleaning the stove, microwave, oven, interior Of the car, etc. D.

What could be packaging

Included with the mop can be supplied nozzles designed for:.

  • Atonement common contaminated sites.
  • Cleaning in places of difficult access.
  • Plumbers, showers, tiles. Since these fixtures are generally inclined on.
  • Smoking clothes.
  • Shutters cleaning. This species is most often made in the form of tentacles.
  • Window cleaning. This type is a special scraper.

microfiber cloth

When buying a mop, among other things, it is worth checking if an optional microfiber cloth. With the help of cleaning is much more careful. In some models, it is not. They are considered as less comfortable than the designs in the Which is present.

What should be the design

Now let’s see what design can have a steam mop. What is better? Vladivostok, Moscow, Leningrad or some not too big city – in any case, the sale can be sure to find options with a beautiful body In warm tones. Of course, the choice of color – business, totally dependent on the personal taste of the host. As for the shape, then it is advisable to buy a model with a working triangular body. This design allows for easy cleaning of corners And small spaces is sufficient.

Steam Mop: Which is better?

Of course, the view of this modern tool for most of the more positive housewives.It took note of the convenience of working with it as well as good quality of cleaning.However, sometimes a steam mop can be Listened to and not particularly flattering. But usually they sound from the lips of those who purchased Chinese products not too quality. So do not repeat the mistakes of those who are tempted by the cheapness of the instrument. It is better to overpay By a good model from a reputed manufacturer, but a reliable tool that can produce high quality cleaning.

So, on the question of what kind of a vapor mop best customer comments unambiguously – which is the most appropriate for that particular room and given specific tasks and also launched a proven company with a good reputation.If you select all We need to be considered.


So, ask questions about what is the best steam mop, the first thing you should do is how to choose your brand. Very popular manufacturers of these tools are currently the Bradex, Black Decker, Bissell, “Karcher”. Tool Housewives H2O MOP. Available in two varieties of mops X5 and X6. The first choice can be used not only for cleaning all floor coverings but also for window care, hair removal and dust Of the furniture, steam blankets and pillows. To stop mop H2O MOP X5 about three kilogramos.Para remove especially difficult dirt Comes with special metal brush.There is a mop as around 2,000 rubles.

H2O MOP X6 weighs a little less – 2.5 kg, and some more perfect constructive way. This modification is to adapt the operation modes and control special indication.Use this mop can, including washing kitchen appliances.So the response to The question of what is the best steam mop – X5 or X6, it is obvious. Also are very popular modifications H2O MOP Ultra and X12. The first choice is very useful for cleaning and pickling of clothes and furniture, such as the generator Steam is disconnected. The distinctive features are its greater capacity, and therefore the cleaning rate. Handle it rotate, allowing it to wash the floors in the most remote places.

Thus, H2O MOP – very good steam mop. The best model is the same – X12.Combina the advantages of the three has described above.In addition, it lacks the long pipe, which could interfere with the cleaning of vertical surfaces.

No mop laminated steam or parquet

Has lovers are often the question arises: is not it harmful to be a similar tool for laminating? Of course, the idea that the steam mop can ruin a coating error.Lamine this wonderful washing tool allowed.And in most Of cases, fairly safe. If you are still concerned about the safety of your sex, try to clean a small area first.

Only tip – cleaning in this case should be carried out regularly, and change the water in the tank frequently. Otherwise, surfaces may appear dirty divorce. After the cleaning tool so the laminate is completely dry , There is the danger of deformation sheet is completely absent.Equipos de parquet

As of course it will not be harmful.At the top of a steam mop can be used to polish it.It is not recommended to use this tool only for cleaning surfaces with wax.Model

What you should buy for laminate and parquet

Quite often you can hear the question about what is best for laminated steam mop. In principle, you can buy absolutely any model from reliable manufacturers. For example, for this type of coverage is very good approach is the same MOP H2O. Most often selected for laminated structure of medium weight and size.

In what areas can you use the steam mop

Suitable for the cleaning of rooms, not only in apartments in the city, but also in private homes. Steam traps are easy to use for cleaning very small and large rooms. Even in those areas where There are many difficult corners, working the steam mop is convenient.In this case, buy a model where it is not completed with a narrow nozzle.

How to use

Well, what to buy a steam mop, you know. Next, let’s see how, in fact, a tool to clean the floors. So in this case, work will be carried out in several stages:

  • Pours into the normal tap water tank. Do not worry about what will be in the tank scale. The design of mop quality tanks includes a set of special filters.
  • Once the water is poured, it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the red light does not change to blue.
  • Next tip is attached with Velcro.

Now you are ready to harvest. Once completed the job, you just have to put the swab in a vertical position. Turn off automatically. To wind the cable in the handle, and then put on a special mop, usually walk with it in the Kit.Precautions

When the steam mop creates a very hot steam jet.Therefore, care must be taken to use it.In any case it is impossible to guide the workpiece to people or animals.You should not pour over the ferry of mops and articles Fragile, especially in cold (for example, glass).

Without polishing wooden furniture, this unit can handle. But at the same time, to keep a mop in one place for a long time, since it is not recommended.

Well, we hope you can ask yourself the question, what is a steam mop is better? Choose a model based on the size of the room, functionality required and guided by manufacturers with a good reputation.In this case, cleaning the Apartment will become a pleasure, and the tool will last a long time.


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