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The Russian crisis could end the team Accountant


According to its owner Oleg Tinkov, yes. The financial crisis that has been installed in Russia could he force the banker to withdraw its sponsorship of the cycling squad, as stated in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

“If the sanctions of the EU against Russia continues, they cripple the Russian economy and the Bank Tinkoff would be involved, so I would have to close my commitment to the world of cycling. And I do not know if I could find a new sponsor in Europe , “said this television Tinkov economic information.

In addition, the team owner added gravity to this complicated economic situation in his country after the devaluation of the national currency and the economic sanctions of the European Union. “I have 80 employees who are paid from Denmark to Spain. If we press, we may 80 people in Europe lose their jobs because of these sanctions,” he said.

The Tinkoff-Saxo is one of the largest and most economic power of World Tour teams, as their ranks are some of the more cyclists paid as the meter itself, Slovak Peter Sagan and Czech Roman Kreuziger . Without neglecting the important cache Michael Rogers or Rafal Majka.

He insists his idea of the great

On the challenge that the Tinkov himself put on the table a few months ago, namely, that a cyclist could run and aspire to victory in the three grand tours, the Russian tycoon says that if anyone can do it, that’s online bookkeeper.


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