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The best Soviet films: in memory of Eldar Ryazanov


The night of 29 to 30 November died in Moscow the Soviet director Eldar Ryazanov and Russian at the age of 88 years. According to the media, the cause of death was heart and lung failure.


“It was overflowing author of films that were unlike anything seen before.Ryazanov was the Soviet director and Soviet less simultaneously. Author of comedies and tragedies. His style and tone instantly recognized “- writes in his Facebook film critic Anton Dolin.

This director, actor, screenwriter, producer, television presenter and teacher was born on November 18, 1927. His first feature, “Carnival Night”, shot in 1956, was not only the highest grossing movie of the moment, but became in a cult film and received a special diploma from the Edinburgh International Festival.

Henceforth, virtually all Ryazanov films were box office leader in the USSR .

In all, Ryazanov directed 28 films, 12 documentaries, wrote 22 screenplays and television on numerous cycles of international cinema. In addition to a huge amount of Russian awards, Eldar Ryazanov received the Order of Literature and Arts of France.

RBTH remembers the 5 films of Ryazanov best known worldwide, you can easily find them on movie2k

1. “Beware of the car”, 1966

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

A lyrical comedy based on the urban legend of “Robin Hood modern” stealing cars bandits and corrupt, sells and delivers the money to orphanages. Almost immediately after the release of the film, the name of the protagonist, Yuri Détochkin, became a common name in the USSR , and in 2012 in Samara a monument was erected to this character.Surprisingly, the film also received very good reviews at film festivals: jury awards received in Melbourne, Sydney and Edinburgh.

2. “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”, 1973

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

A Russian-Italian film production, filmed in collaboration with director Franco Prosperi and produced by film legend Dino De Laurentiis. It is a comedy about finding some Italian adventurers in Russia of a treasure hidden by a Russian emigrant. This film is a parody of Western action films of the era, such as the Oscar-winning “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” by Stanley Kramer.

3. “Irony of fate, or enjoy your bath!”, 1975

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

The greatest television success in Russia, since opening on January 1, 1976, attended by 100 million viewers. This film is broadcast every year on New Year ‘s Day in the major national television channels. The protagonist is the famous Polish actress Barbara Brylska. It is an ironic Christmas comedy about love and problems of the techniques of Soviet construction, which could lead to absurd situations as not only two buildings but also the locks on the doors of two apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg will result identical.

4. “cruel A romance” 1984

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

film adaptation of the classic “No dowry”, the Russian playwright Aleksander Ostrovsky. This film, one of the few dramas loving Ryazanov, provoked a wave of angry criticism from Soviet experts (by differences regarding the plot of the play), but the hearts of the people won. One of his best characters (the playboy nobleman Sergei Parátov) is played by Russian actor and director Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov. The film received the Grand Prix International Film Festival of India.

5. “Office Romance”, 1977

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

Like most movies Ryazanov, this comedy about the relationship between a simple clerk and single father and the director of the institution became a success right after its release. In 1978, the prestigious film magazine Ekran Sovietskii USSR named “Film of the Year”. In 2011 the director Sarik Andreasián filmed a sequel in Russia: “Office Romance. A new era. ”


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