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The best option to go from Moscow to St. Petersburg: The Red Arrow train with bathrooms


hen we were organizing our trip to Russia, we raised several questions abouthow to go from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa . It was clear that we wanted to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, but we did not know which city to begin with or how to get from one to the other.

Come on, we were more lost than an octopus in a garage .


After much searching in webs and blogs, we saw that  we had several options :

  • First, opt for the plane . Very fast, very comfortable and if you catch it with time on skyscanner can be quite cheap. The duration of the trip is between an hour and a quarter or an hour and a half .
  • Second option: the high-speed train . The Russian Ave. The Sapsan . You travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg in about four hours . You can look directly at the  official website of the Russian railway line. By the way, the website is in English and Russian only. Forget to find information in Russia in Spanish. With a little luck you’ll find it in English and thanks.
  • And, the third option, which is the one we recommend you, travel on the luxury night train if you really like to live experiences of a real traveler . It is the train that connects Moscow and St. Petersburg and vice versa, the Red Arrow . In English Red Arrow.

And why do you recommend me better to take the train option?

You’ll think it’s bullshit, but it was one of the experiences we liked the most in Russia. You do not always have the opportunity to spend a night in a train opened by Stalin . It was a different Russian experience.

  • The train is a classic. A kind of relic that was inaugurated in 1931 . This is a classic and not the Madrid-Barcelona matches.
  • In its young years this train was used exclusively by the best of the Russian high bourgeoisie and high leaders of the government that covered his trip from Moscow to Saint Petersburg or from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.
  • The train is the only Russian train that is received today on arrival at the station with a Russian march .
  • Many newlywed couples spend their first wedding night on this train . Incredible but true.

Nowadays there are other luxury trains that cover this same route . For example,  the Grand Express . Let’s say it’s a kind of copy of the Red Arrow, but none is as mythical as the original. The Red Arrow. So red, so cute, and decorated on the inside so pretty!

Although the train is from 1931, it  has all the necessities to meet the expectations of the most demanding traveler:

  • It has free wifi throughout the trip .
  • As soon as we reached our cabin we found a simple snack. Some fruit, croissants, a chocolate tablet and water.
  • Our cabin also  had the daily newspaper and magazines . But they did not serve us much, as you will understand Russian we have not yet mastered.
  • And a dresser with toilet tools: nail clippers (in case your foot mussels have grown during the trip, the train is a good time to take advantage, right?), Toothbrush, comb, slippers to walk around the house By the train). Even a bathrobe!
  • In the morning you bring a breakfast to bed, literal

Just put your foot on the train you realize that toooooodo is decorated very cute . With embroidery with the initials of the train in toooodas the curtains of the train, as also in the tablecloths of the cabins.

There are several types of cabins:

  • Cabin Lux , is the luxury butt cab with dripsndrops bathroom included in the room . This is the one we took, not precisely because we were about money but because it was the only two-person cabin that still had tickets.
  • Cab 1 Class SV . It is also for two people, and the difference with the lux cabin is that it does not have a bathroom in the room . I think if you are traveling as a couple this is the best option for the price. So book it with plenty of time because we ran out of tickets.
  • Cabin 2 class Kupe . These are cabins for four people . If you are four during the trip or you travel with children this will be the option that you will have to choose. There is no bathroom inside the cabin, the sofas are sofa bed, and has two bunk beds on the top.

The prices for a night in the Red Arrow range from 100 to 130 euros per person approximately. It depends on how the ruble is at that time. As you can see they are not cheap at all but you think you are saving yourself a hotel night too

Our experience aboard the Red Arrow

We took the Red Arrow from St. Petersburg to Moscow . We bought the tickets a month in advance and we no longer had the option available from our first class cabin without bathroom inside the room (cabin 1 class SV) which was the one that most interested us. So, as we were clear that we wanted to go yes or yes on this train and live a different experience, we paid to have room in the “Lux Cabin”.

In short, traveling on the Red Arrow train is a different plan in Russia that we liked very much and we recommend you . Even so, you choose whether you want to do this or resort to one of the other transportation options we discussed at the beginning of the post to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa.



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