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October Holidays

Day of the Elderly -- Holiday
День Пожилых

October 1
In honor of old people, it's your turn to stand outside the metro selling flowers. So, grab a fistful of weeds, put a scarf on your head, and move it!

Day of the Space Forces -- Holiday
День Космических Сил

October 4
It's a hop, skip, and a rocket ride from the Baikonur Cosmodrome to the moon. So, put on your best track suit, sit down, and pretend that you are important enough to become a cosmonaut!

Feast of Pokrov -- Holiday
October 14
All the Pokrov you can eat! And you can eat a lot of Pokrov, can't you, you great fat fattie of a fat fat fat.

Customs Officer Day -- Holiday
День Таможенника

October 25
Let that special customs officer know just how much you care by declaring not only your icons, but also your love!


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