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Russian-Soul is NOT us
There has been some confusion of late. Yuri has had mailroom duty for the past two weeks and he is fagged out on emails from people seeking Russian wives. If you want Russian wife, go to Russian-Soul. Please note that their name tells all:

  • .com: This means they are business. They make money from soul lacker wannabes like you, sir.
  • Mathematics: We are They are, a name which indicates the soul-crushing effects of marrying a foreigner. It's good for you but bad for us.
If you want a soul supplement wife, go to the mathematical site. If you want evaluation and information on your lack of BRS, you have come to the right place.

Advancing the Cause of BRS Research
Scientists at our secret laboratories are using advanced technology to measure the intensity of the Big Russian Souls of various objects. In this picture, a scientist works on a bust of Lenin--an object doubtlessly mighty in soul. Watch this space for further updates.

Olympic Soul Update
Two souls met on the ice. One soul, undiminished despite time spent on foreign soil, triumphed. This event has shed new light on the study of BRS diminution on foreign soul. In related news, MSNBC TV intervewed two young but hearty souls, future olympic figure skaters, who summed up the "flap" over the pairs award: "Of course our Russians should have won. Anyone can skate with technical perfection, but we Russians skate with our souls."

Hundreds of Souls Rated! has now officially rated over 1000 souls, just past the 1000 mark. Our results indicate that the average soul is quite tiny. This is no surprise since this is the "World Wide" web and we Large-Souled Individuals are bound to be outnumbered. But we are pleased to have helped you know your (puny) place and we salute all of the wannabes who came to learn.


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