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This is the homepage for the glorious site BigRussianSoul.Org. Look on its soul, ye mighty, and despair.

If you find yourself confused as to why you are here, odds are you have no Big Russian Soul (BRS) and will only be confused if you pursue things further. But if you are a self-assured bearer of a mighty BRS, or even if you are just an intrepid wannabe, step right in. Grab a pickle. Let us take the measure of your soul.

Davai !

Upcoming Holidays

Feast of Pokrov - October 14
All the Pokrov you can eat! And you can eat a lot of Pokrov, can't you, you great fat fattie of a fat fat fat.

Customs Officer Day - October 25
Let that special customs officer know just how much you care by declaring not only your icons, but also your love!



Mugs & Mousepads 'o Soul Mugs & Mousepads 'o Soul
Now available: The Mousepad of Soul, protecting wrists with powers beyond the comprehension of non-BRS individuals. And, as always: Mugs of Soul, suitable for filling with chai or Cafe Pele. Advertise your soulful status... or just wag your cup like the wannabe you are. All profits go to a struggling online coffeecup provider. They need the dough, you got the soul.

Recent Resources dot From the FAQ

Mobster Tombstones
Oh, bury me not on the lone Taiga... at least, not without a life-sized, photorealistic tombstone. And one for my car, please.

Snow Emergency
Why is the yellow/red snow phenomenon a mystery? It's obvious to us why some areas are receiving yellow and/or red snow. Yellow is for hot snow and red is the color of cold snow. Open your taps, people, and open your minds.

Tunnels of the Soul
Drive with verve, drive with wit, drive with soul, baby.

Question: I hope to be reincarnated with a Big Russian Soul. How should I go about this?

Get the answer

Random Resource

Big Russian Solution
Medals? We don't need no stinkin' medals! We have the Big Russian Soul! We congratulate Grisha Perelman on his accomplishment and we beg, beg this Russian genius to put his mind to this conundrum: why do foreigners think they can hope to understand our Souls?


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