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Russian tourist reasons to go to Mauritius as a destination


Mauritius is one of the most spectacular destinations and reasons not lacking. To this list the following points.


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1. The nature of the island

The Mauritius has a fantastic geography in each corner of the island. This is expressed in its flora and fauna, but also of course for its beaches and vegetation on the island.

Mauritius as a destination

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2. It is a multiracial country

On the island of Mauritius entire social community and ethnicity live together in peace and harmony. Here are Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, descendants of Chinese and Europeans.

3. Beaches of Mauritius

Mauritius is well known for its fascinating calm, clear and soft white sand beaches sea. Most beaches are in the lagoons protected by coral reefs. So you are presented protected, quiet and peaceful throughout the campaign.

4. Culture of Mauritius

Under the natural beauty of the landscape of the island of Mauritius, the island culture is shown shaped by thousands of years of living with cultural ethnic groups who have been on the island and are reflected in their food, religion and way of live. This training has made the island natives are people with high social values, which is reflected in the good treatment with tourists.

5. Accommodations in Mauritius

In Mauritius, you’ll be sure to find all kinds of hotels , villas and other types of rural accommodation that you can choose. The accommodations are presented to your needs and taste, whether you are looking for a hotel that is well known or whether some of the modest accommodation on the island there is a large selection from which you can choose.

Reasons for choosing Mauritius

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6. Dream place for honeymoon

If you’ve dreamed of being isolated on a tropical island with your beloved, a honeymoon in villas mauritius would be the perfect answer. Its waters are like an emerald in the Indian Ocean, it is easy to get lost in its scenic beauty while enjoying their honeymoon.

7. The Mauritian cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a mixture of the culinary traditions of France, India, China and Africa.Those people who have lived on the island throughout the history of Mauritius, have incorporated their cuisine with local fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Thus the variety of flavors and aromas of the cuisine of Mauritius is a pleasure at the tables.

Mauritian cuisine

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8. Water Sport

Discover the wonderful underwater tropical landscape and its flora and fauna full of multicolored forms while doing various water sports in Mauritius. The water sports on the island is presented very exciting and full of adventure .

9. Golf holidays

Yes, surprising as it may be heard, Mauritius has rapidly emerged as a perfect destination for golf holidays. The landscape of Mauritius with its beaches, scenic mountains and plateaus is ideal for golfing.

10. spa holidays

All hotels first class and resorts in Mauritius have exclusive spa centers that have a goal in mind, meet the minimum personal care. Some spas are even specialized in the very essence of the stay to meet relaxation and well – being.


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