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Makeup Russia, beauty and fitness revelation of secrets


“Why are Russian women more beautiful than others?” This is a question that has plagued many women for centuries. Her, young skin, impeccable style and perfect slender form stole the dream of many people around the world. When it comes to the long awaited revelation of this secret, you could, of course, be surprised to know that the main secret behind its incomparable beauty lies in its lifestyle. Did you know that Russian women walk more than the Americans? It is probably the main factor that helps keep them fit and active throughout the year.

Here are some amazing facts about Russian beauties:

Beauty Secrets of Russia:


The desire to be beautiful: it would be wrong to comment that Russian women are beautiful, as they love to look beautiful forever. The desire to be beautiful is the greatest among Russian women. An ordinary woman, who has not been blessed with the so-called natural beauty, also puts her best to look attractive in front of everyone. Remember the ‘Biggest loser’ TV show and as you saw afterwards some ordinary participants looking glamorous dolls? Looking beautiful is just another passion that the Russians have in their blood.

Hit the face: Yes, you heard right! If you want to look sexy like those Russians, you should give a pat (obviously a little) that puts on makeup. If you look closely at the sharp faces and toned Russian beauties, you would easily realize how they got that glamorous.

‘Bling and Chick’ Fashion: You can easily place Russian women in the crowd for their “Bling and chick ‘fashion statements. In general, wearing high heels and is passionate about metallic colors. These girls also prefer high fashion street-tight suits that expose the beauty of their bodies vividly.

Russian Makeup Secrets:

Eye makeup: The Russians are trick-loving people. I never step without proper retouching. No wonder, you should always find your perfect picture at any time of the day. These Russians are blessed with large, expressive eyes, which have their center of attraction. To make your eyes look beautiful, apply generous coat of mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. Tips: when you get home and removed your makeup, try to apply pilaten mask.

Bars glossy lips: Pale skin and whitish Russians contrast with the vivid and bright colors they wear. Most Russian women prefer to apply bright colors like red and brown on their lips. In normal times also, usually, do not leave without lip gloss, due to the dry climate of the region and winter.

Bouquet: After Paris, Russia is the second best paradise of fragrances. Russian women prefer to apply fruity, light fragrances. If you ever visit Russia, do not forget to buy some of the world class products from reputed brands.

Secrets for a Russian:

Walking: As previously shared, Russian women are ‘walkaholics. They love to walk as much as possible. If your workplace is nearby, a Russian woman would not be picking up the car or a bus. She would go there on foot. Walking seems to be your favorite exercise. What’s more, actually walk fast!

Swimming: Although Russia has a cool climate, glam dolls Russian dare to swim all year. Their love to swim with them celestial bodies that are naturally beautiful.

Active Lifestyle: forget the glamor dolls, Russian women are very common active throughout the day. They are self-sufficient and love to work on their own. This is another big secret behind his physical state.

Cycling: If a Russian woman does not walk much, would have been the safe cycling. Cycling is another favorite sport of the Russians.

Secrets of the Russian diet:

Root vegetables: Russia has a cold climate, women out there prefer to eat root vegetables. Although these are a bit ‘more calories, they tend to burn fat by exercising.

Hot Soups: Russians really like hot soups vegetables. I prefer vegetarian dish for non-vegetarians, and their soups are a lot of root vegetables too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the beautiful Russian girls.


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