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How to rent an apartment in Russia


1After finding my laptop, lost in a box, and fight me for an hour with the Internet provider, I sit on the kitchen table in my apartment just rented and start writing the story of how we found each to the other.

I am a writer of RBTH 25 years and my new and cozy house was built according to a standard project of an unknown Soviet architect in the 1980s, composed of blocks of flats unattractive. Most apartments renting in Moscow are precisely in such buildings. Siberia A friend of mine even got to say, “Kira, this looks like the ghetto of Moscow”.

In the Russian capital real estate market of mauritius apartments. The owners of the flats can go directly to various agencies. The pricing is far from transparent and real estate agents have a habit of not returning calls.But despite all this, I was lucky to rent my apartment. Largely because I came to some important conclusions from previous failures themselves and unfortunate experiences of my friends.

The first apartment I rented was in September three years ago. I do not advise it. At this time the real estate market in Moscow is something unimaginable. The city reach students and residents of other regions in search of work. Real estate agents and owners all start to go crazy: this month the prices grow faster than the market and soar while in October have to backtrack.

5 to 10% per year: grow at this rate rental prices of apartments in Moscow. It means that if you have rented today a good one-bedroom apartment in the area of Automobile Ring Moscow (MKAD) for $ 1,000 (35,000 rubles) per month, must not surprise you if, after one year, for whatever reason forsake this floor is assessed again by real estate agents in $ 1,100 and, after 2 years, 1,210.

The good thing about this is that tenants do not change and remain flat over a year, usually do not raise their rental price. I have an acquaintance who lives for ten years in a two-bedroom apartment in the area of the Sokol metro and pays $ 560 (20,000 rubles) a month for your car ten years old. For this price you can expect now only rent a room in a three-room apartment in the same area.

There is the expression ‘babushka style’. So they called floors that have not been renovated in the last two decades. In them you will find the ubiquitous elements of the Soviet past of any ‘babushka’ (grandmother) Russian: dresser with an old set of china closet, a dusty tapestry hanging on the wall, a balcony with a broken bicycle and countless shelves that back to the Brezhnev era.

The cheapest apartments in Moscow average cost of US $ 790 (28,000 rubles). First class floors have a starting price of $ 1,130 (40,000 rubles) for this amount can get comfortable accommodation near the meter, equipped with technology, furnished and intercom.

Good apartments Moscow fly, such as freshly baked pastries. Once I found in the classified section an unbeatable offer: I got in touch with the real estate agent and said I went to see him in half an hour. I was surprised and told him to take to arrive at least 40 minutes. When I showed up at the place after that period of time, the apartment was already rented. Since then I myself try to convince realtors to teach me the story that interests me as soon as possible.

It is a tempting option, since it saves the realtor commission, which in Moscow amounts to one month’s rent. I have many friends who have been lucky renting their apartments through ads on social networks. But you always run the risk of bump scammers.

And the last thing surprised me: support groups. With this peculiar phenomenon I met a week ago, when I went to rent the same apartment from which I write this article.When I came here last Monday, we met several people squeezed. In addition to the owner of the apartment and real estate agent in the room there were six people who had come to see him. Almost immediately it became clear that these six people representing a single interested. A young couple had taken a couple of friends and two estate agents to see it, as “moral support.”

This demonstration of enthusiasm scared the owner while my real estate agent came over and we proposed a rebate if we closed the deal immediately. From this I have drawn two conclusions you: keep calm and believe in luck. In Moscow it never hurts!


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