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Best films to understand the Russian soul


“Of all the arts for us cinema is the most important,” Lenin once said, and he was absolutely right. The Russians imitate their favorite movie characters, behaved and dressed like them, they read the same books and listened to the same music. Movie4k made a list of successful films that most influenced the Russian mentality. You are able to watch these films in HD on project free tv for free.

1. Night carnival (musical comedy, 1956, 49 million viewers)



While employees of a club in a Soviet city preparing for year – end party, an old bureaucrat surnamed swanky Ogurtsov tries to spoil the party making it a boring lecture. Now the plot is trivial, but in 1956 was quite innovative.After Stalin’s death three years earlier, came a policy known as the ‘thaw’.Finally some freedom of expression allowed the directors and Night Carnival became one of the landmarks of the new times. Ogurtsov became the negative symbol of a bygone era, and the fun was already an important part of Russian mentality.

For the first time since 1930 viewers could hear a real band jazz in a Soviet film: in the 40s and early 50s music jazz was declared ‘inappropriate’ by the government and some singers were victims of repression.

Source: youtube / советские комедии

2.  The White Sun of the Desert (western, 1970, 50 million viewers).



During the stagnation of the 1970s, the Soviet people urgently needed a heroic figure on the screen. The Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov, star ofThe White Sun of the Desert , appeared just in time. The director, Vladimir Motil, wanted to shoot a real western Soviet, and succeeded: he created a very discreet, poignant and deeply patriotic piece.

After the war, Sukhov undertakes the way back home through an Asian desert, where the harem of the local criminal Abdullah and decides to protect women from being murdered by her cruel husband. Throughout the film many characters die, but the honorable intentions of Sukhov always come to fruition. Sukhov is also a romantic hero dreams of returning to see his beloved wife Katerina Matveyeva, symbolizing home and Russia itself.

The soundtrack of the film, composed by famous songwriter Bulat Okudzhava and film music composer Isaak Shwartz, acquired great popularity, especially a song titled Your Honor Dona Fortuna (Russian Vashe blagorodie Gospozha Udacha )

But studio bosses were not happy with the film and sent the tape to mount several times, cut some scenes and even raised them in the closet.Fortunately, the then Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev saw the film by chance, loved and ordered to be released.

Source: youtube / Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

3. Ivan Vasilevich changes profession (comedy and science fiction, 1973, 60 million viewers).



There is no one in the former Soviet Union who does not know Leonid Gaidai, a director remembered for his films inspired by the most authentic people. Especially popular was the comic trilogy Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik , The Captive of the Caucasus and Ivan Valílievich change of profession .

In fact, as the plot is concerned, it is no trilogy, but the style of the director and the genre itself that match. In the first film, the young bride Shurik physical check and get their first job; in the second, he travels to theCaucasus, meets another girl and rescues her from her abductors; and third, based on a play Bulgakov (author of the cult novel The Master and Margarita ), the young scientist creates a time machine accidentally swapping Ivan the Terrible with the official Soviet Bunsha boring. The film is a typical sitcom, with misunderstandings, shouting, racing, falls, etc., but it is very clever and has superb songs and poignant moments.

Many current cliches come from these three films.

Source: youtube / Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

4. Never change the meeting point (police, TV series, 1979, 80 million viewers).



This five – part series tells the story of two detectives to Moscow in 1946, they are ordered to catch the villain Black Cat, a known thief and murderer.The young policeman Sharapov has just returned from World War II and remains an honest and brave man, a rather naive romantic. His boss Zheglov is a controversial figure, capable of anything (bordering on illegality) to achieve their aims. His motto, as catchy as to continue to beused until today (even by President Putin), was as follows: “The site of a thief is in jail.” Despite the ambiguity of the character, the public had apenchant for Zheglov, characterized by the witty and charismatic Soviet artist Vladimir Visotski .

The crime rate in the USSR fell sharply during the five nights when the series aired, because everybody stayed home watching Zheglov pursuing criminal networks.

Source: / kwaker008

5.  Brother (Thriller, 1997, 146,000 viewers in cinema, millions of copies of VHS and DVD sold).



This cult film director Alexei Balabanov is distinguished from the others on the list because it symbolizes a new era, post – Soviet Russia. Thanks to its representation of Danila Bagrov, the protagonist of the series, Sergei Bodrov son became the hero of the new generation.

An ex-soldier travels to St. Petersburg to visit his brother, who asks him to kill a mob boss; then a maelstrom of murders and shootings breaks.

This film operates a kind of very representative of Russia in the 90 new character: the offender honest. The moral aspect disappears from the plot: Danila kills people and has an aggressive behavior, but also has its truth and its own code of honor, which is contained in these words: “who has the truth has force.”


In addition, music awakens the most emotional side of the character, especially his favorite band, Nautilus Pompilius, whose songs are included on the soundtrack. Music is like a beacon amid this ocean of violence.

In 2000 came the sequel Brother 2 . On this occasion Danila travels to the US and faces many problems to discover that no country is better than Russia, while his brother, attracted by the American dream, decides to stay in the US .

Source: youtube / CTBFilm


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