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A good smile is a reflection of our good humor, our desire to communicate and solve many problems. In addition, the beauty and health of your teeth is one indicator of their status, and is an integral part of the image. That’s why only fiamos care of our smile trusted specialists, highly trained – experienced professionals. so are the professionals working in the company “VladMiVa”.

Director General EEZ “VladMiVa” Dr. of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of AMTS of the Russian Federation, Vice President Rosi
VP Chuev
For many years, the company “VladMiVa” develops and produces materials for use in various fields of dentistry.Among our products you can find a wide range of dental materials: glass ionomer cements, braces color wheel, composite materials, materials for medical treatment and filling of channels, medicinal materials, preventive medications. It is an exhaustive list.
special attention to the production of materials for orthopedic dentistry and dental laboratories is provided. It is assimilated industrial production alginate, silicone material of varying viscosity. Dental technicians offer different types of wax: basic, modeler, cervical, sticky, close, wax wire. For dental laboratories produce ceramic pots of different configurations for different types of casting machines. 
The new direction of our work is the development of biocompatible materials for osteoplásticos maxillofacial implants, oral surgery and. 
Research in the field of science of dental materials has always been a priority for the company. Pilot Plant “VladMiVa” produces more than 300 types of dental materials developed by our research department.
As the producer of the material for odontologí, the company “VladMiVa” offers dentists ever increasing range of equipment for cabinets and dental laboratories: braces “Selena 2.000” (fixed, mobile and portable), hydraulic units with configuration different basic, additional dental equipment.Our Customer Sevice department allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the demands of consumers.
Since 2004 are commercially available dental burs “rosbel” 6 different types of spray using natural diamonds for different types of dental handpieces.
In 2009 the company “VladMiVa” created a new line of diamond dental burs with an additional nitride coating or double nitruro.Con wear resistant coating to a significant increase in the service life of the tool is provided increase.
For prosthodontics offer diamond discs (unilateral, bilateral and edge). Diamond discs have a high capacity of resistance to wear.
In 2011 the company Pilot Plant “VladMiVa” received the certification of quality management system ISO 1.3485: 2003 (GOST R ISO 13485-2004).
For our customers and partners the certification of quality management system demonstrates the reliability and capacity of the company for production, not only complies with all international quality standards, but also to individual customer needs.
The company has developed its commercial services in a very active way.
Our affiliates in Kursk, Orel, Stary Oskol, Voronezh and Moscow have been very successful.
Year after year have been growing exports of our products.
We supply products to more than 19 dental clinics and companies “Medtécnica” Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others.
Currently we deliver our production to more than 30 countries among which are: USA, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Romania, Mongolia, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States among others. It is important to note that 30% of the volume of production is exported abroad.
Today “VladMiVa” is an innovative company that comprise more than 300 employees, also has a set of original solutions for the development and production of new dental materials.
For its achievements the company has received several Certificates, Diplomas of Honor, patents and others.
Thanks to the help of the administration of the Belgorod region and the Fund helps small businesses in the area of scientific and technical research (Moscow), our company has developed new advances according to compliance with the latest requirements.


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