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Appeal head of physical fitness of the nation to open its second location in Texas


whrmontTexas will again indulge in five-star service that have been foreseeing the Equinox Fitness Clubs. Recourse head of physical fitness of the nation will open its second location in Texas Preston Depression, today, the December 21, 2009.

“There has been a huge demand for an innovative resource, focusing on the values of physical fitness in several urban cities where the market is under-served,” says Harvey Spevak, CEO for Equinox. “Opening our second location in Texas, our goal is to meet the needs of a discriminating consumer who demands the best and currently does not have a chance to get it.” According to Cize Review, the new resource of Texas, located on the Way of Hillcrest in Depression Preston equipment and programs tip, well maintained environment, atmosphere inspired training and unmatched focus on the experience of the pieces he has always done Equinoccio such success will boast.

“In designing our strategy of increased new, metropolitan areas,” says Spevak, “we decided to focus on the resident and the Depression of Preston who work there. We believe that these are individuals who appreciate quality and innovation in its way of life and – when it comes to physical fitness – have not experienced the true integration of mind, body and soul that the Equinox has to offer.

The intersection of Preston and Northwest Highway is a special address. It is the heart of the community Depression Preston, just a few miles north of the resort of Preston Depression, and it is here where local inspiration was drained.

Surrounded by beautiful, the, well kept Chateau, and a vibrant, active, social, Equinoccio houses inspired wanted to create a place where friends would want to collect.

As the great halls of Europe that were the social heart of the community, the Equinox will introduce a dramatic 2-story staircase that invite patrons to the resort. Upon arriving at the “Piano Nobile” the salon experience continues with a large open floor and a view of 200 feet concludes with a balcony and covers the upper terrace with a large water feature.

The material selections also flowed from the rich tradition of the Hall. Beautiful warm white, highlighted with jewel tones create a clean and luxurious space.


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