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A Russian Dj converts a digital plate Technics on (video)


Yes, what you hear, we do not stop faxes arrive at the office with this amazing video. What has not been able or willing to get the industry, he has developed an understanding of the Russian electronic modifying a Technics SL-1200 fully digital analog in an authentic dish, and most importantly, without losing analog functions.

The style of James Bond, this dish is hiding a secret operation, if you hold down the buttons speed while brakes are the power button … voila! DVS MODE ON ! And what is the DVS MODE ?, For a system created by our friend, capable of playing tracks digital with vinyl control, but eye, without a computer, the system has an integrated micro controller and SD card with storage of own tracks .

The perfect combination of touch Technics more digital files already knew thanks to mobile dj melbourne, but without a computer represents a revolution and even more if you use the pushbuttons of Technics own to have reference points (CUE) on the slopes themselves, as we could find in any digital plate.

The answer is automatic, we observed no signs of lag and performance seems totally stable, also possible to stroll through folders songs in comfort jumping from one to another, make this system a real treat.

It seems to have thought of everything when developing operation. Among the most important functions, we can select the tracks and move forward or backward within the track itself, all in the botonoría speeds 33 45. While pressing Start / Stop spent the next mode, getting up two points CUE , one again, using the pushbuttons 33 45. In the video we see how the system also provides for the mode loop  feeling perfect touch with auto answer, and that does not lack detail this electronic engineering.

Everything seems to be careful millimeter and works with amazing warranties, or so it seemed to us in the viewing of that so far, is the only video that has appeared on the networks of this micro controller adapted.


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