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This is the homepage for the glorious site BigRussianSoul.Org. Look upon its soul, ye mighty, and despair.

If you find yourself confused as to why you are here, odds are you have no Big Russian Soul (BRS) and will only be confused if you pursue things further. But if you are a self-assured bearer of a mighty BRS, or even if you are just an intrepid wannabe, step right in. Grab a pickle. Let us take the measure of your soul.

Davai !

Upcoming Holidays

Russian Pushkin Day - June 6
One of the most soulful holidays in the world, Russian Pushkin day is a time of reflection, peace, memorization, and recitation. Adults and children alike gather together for a day of light drinking and to recite the works of Aleksandr Sergeevich.

Day Of Acceptance Of The Declaration Of The Russian Federation's State Sovereignty - June 12
Now that's a thoroughly named holiday. I mean, it hardly needs a description, eh? Still...



Mugs & Mousepads 'o Soul Mugs & Mousepads 'o Soul
Now available: The Mousepad of Soul, protecting wrists with powers beyond the comprehension of non-BRS individuals. And, as always: Mugs of Soul, suitable for filling with chai or Cafe Pele. Advertise your soulful status... or just wag your cup like the wannabe you are. All profits go to a struggling online coffeecup provider. They need the dough, you got the soul.

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$400 Russian Soul?
The real crime here is that a sinless (living) Russian soul fetched only $400 at auction. Potapov should have had his soul rated at beforehand. Experienced buyers always look for the BRS rating before considering the acquisition of pre-existed souls.

Russian American Community
Keep an eye on this website, RusUSA, a large collection of resources and "The Place of fun and entertainment of Russian America!" And by "keep an eye on," we mean monitor this website. Geared as it is toward those brave defenders of the BRS who live in the USA, the authors have a special responsibility to portray the BRS appropriately. [Note: If you have trouble reading it in Russian, this page translates itself for you if you click the "English" link at the top.]

Ahhhh, sweet kholodets. Take a break from your Beeg Mak and your fries of freedom and choke down some delicious kholodets, or, as it's called in English, "Feet in Aspic." Mmmmmmm...

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Random Resource

Toilet Paper Usage in the Former Soviet Union
What can we say? The BRS quotient of our toilet paper is unmatched. Confronted with such BRS, Kitaiskii and kh'American paper would simply disintegrate. Thank you Annals of Improbable Research for bringing this to our attention.


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