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This is the homepage for the glorious site BigRussianSoul.Org. Look upon its soul, ye mighty, and despair.

If you find yourself confused as to why you are here, odds are you have no Big Russian Soul (BRS) and will only be confused if you pursue things further. But if you are a self-assured bearer of a mighty BRS, or even if you are just an intrepid wannabe, step right in. Grab a pickle. Let us take the measure of your soul.

Davai !

Upcoming Holidays

Russian Pushkin Day - June 6
One of the most soulful holidays in the world, Russian Pushkin day is a time of reflection, peace, memorization, and recitation. Adults and children alike gather together for a day of light drinking and to recite the works of Aleksandr Sergeevich.

Day Of Acceptance Of The Declaration Of The Russian Federation's State Sovereignty - June 12
Now that's a thoroughly named holiday. I mean, it hardly needs a description, eh? Still...



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Now available: The Mousepad of Soul, protecting wrists with powers beyond the comprehension of non-BRS individuals. And, as always: Mugs of Soul, suitable for filling with chai or Cafe Pele. Advertise your soulful status... or just wag your cup like the wannabe you are. All profits go to a struggling online coffeecup provider. They need the dough, you got the soul.

Blog posts

The wedding of the photographer who followed his girlfriend around the world

Murad Osmann joined in marriage to the actress Nataly Zakharova, who became famous thanks to the portraits of her partner

The Unique Wedding Photography Singapore photographer Murad Osmann became popular because of the images he captured of his girlfriend, the actress and television presenter Nataly Zakharova, in different corners of the world and who later published on Instagram .

In the snapshots, Zakharova appears with her back to the target, extending her arm backwards looking for her partner’s hand.

A photo published by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on Jun 7, 2015 at 10:34 PDT

The series “Follow Me To” (“Follow Me”) has been feeding on Instagram since 2011, but now Osmann has documented his own wedding.

“# Follow me to the wedding with my love, @yourleo, I promise to take your hand and tell you that I love you every day for the rest of our lives,” Osmann wrote on Instagram next to the image of his now-dressed wife in white.

Zakharova has also posted more photographs of the link; one in which she takes him by the hand to the altar and another of them two posing before the camera.

#followmeto the wedding whith my love @muradosmann promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives. Спасибо за платье бутик Vera Wang Москва, вы сделали мою мечту реальной !!!!! Лучшему агентству @wedoagency и лучшему декоратору @lidseventhouse, красивому месту @zhavoronkieventhall …. за эту сказку 🙂 !! Друзья, люблю вас ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A photo published by yourleo (@yourleo) on Jun 7, 2015 at 10:34 PDT

My Fairy Tale … husband @muradosmann Dress by boutique Vera Wang Moscow, best wed agency @WeDoAgency, unreal decor @lidseventhouse, rings @bochic @zhavoronkieventhall, photo by @andrew_bayda … To be continued .. друзья, сегодня я расскажу , как это все было … Мы читаем все комментарии и все поздравления..Love is in the air ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A photo published by yourleo (@yourleo) on Jun 7, 2015 at 5:35 PDT

The best option to go from Moscow to St. Petersburg: The Red Arrow train with bathrooms

hen we were organizing our trip to Russia, we raised several questions abouthow to go from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa . It was clear that we wanted to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, but we did not know which city to begin with or how to get from one to the other.

Come on, we were more lost than an octopus in a garage .


After much searching in webs and blogs, we saw that  we had several options :

  • First, opt for the plane . Very fast, very comfortable and if you catch it with time on skyscanner can be quite cheap. The duration of the trip is between an hour and a quarter or an hour and a half .
  • Second option: the high-speed train . The Russian Ave. The Sapsan . You travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg in about four hours . You can look directly at the  official website of the Russian railway line. By the way, the website is in English and Russian only. Forget to find information in Russia in Spanish. With a little luck you’ll find it in English and thanks.
  • And, the third option, which is the one we recommend you, travel on the luxury night train if you really like to live experiences of a real traveler . It is the train that connects Moscow and St. Petersburg and vice versa, the Red Arrow . In English Red Arrow.

And why do you recommend me better to take the train option?

You’ll think it’s bullshit, but it was one of the experiences we liked the most in Russia. You do not always have the opportunity to spend a night in a train opened by Stalin . It was a different Russian experience.

  • The train is a classic. A kind of relic that was inaugurated in 1931 . This is a classic and not the Madrid-Barcelona matches.
  • In its young years this train was used exclusively by the best of the Russian high bourgeoisie and high leaders of the government that covered his trip from Moscow to Saint Petersburg or from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.
  • The train is the only Russian train that is received today on arrival at the station with a Russian march .
  • Many newlywed couples spend their first wedding night on this train . Incredible but true.

Nowadays there are other luxury trains that cover this same route . For example,  the Grand Express . Let’s say it’s a kind of copy of the Red Arrow, but none is as mythical as the original. The Red Arrow. So red, so cute, and decorated on the inside so pretty!

Although the train is from 1931, it  has all the necessities to meet the expectations of the most demanding traveler:

  • It has free wifi throughout the trip .
  • As soon as we reached our cabin we found a simple snack. Some fruit, croissants, a chocolate tablet and water.
  • Our cabin also  had the daily newspaper and magazines . But they did not serve us much, as you will understand Russian we have not yet mastered.
  • And a dresser with toilet tools: nail clippers (in case your foot mussels have grown during the trip, the train is a good time to take advantage, right?), Toothbrush, comb, slippers to walk around the house By the train). Even a bathrobe!
  • In the morning you bring a breakfast to bed, literal

Just put your foot on the train you realize that toooooodo is decorated very cute . With embroidery with the initials of the train in toooodas the curtains of the train, as also in the tablecloths of the cabins.

There are several types of cabins:

  • Cabin Lux , is the luxury butt cab with dripsndrops bathroom included in the room . This is the one we took, not precisely because we were about money but because it was the only two-person cabin that still had tickets.
  • Cab 1 Class SV . It is also for two people, and the difference with the lux cabin is that it does not have a bathroom in the room . I think if you are traveling as a couple this is the best option for the price. So book it with plenty of time because we ran out of tickets.
  • Cabin 2 class Kupe . These are cabins for four people . If you are four during the trip or you travel with children this will be the option that you will have to choose. There is no bathroom inside the cabin, the sofas are sofa bed, and has two bunk beds on the top.

The prices for a night in the Red Arrow range from 100 to 130 euros per person approximately. It depends on how the ruble is at that time. As you can see they are not cheap at all but you think you are saving yourself a hotel night too

Our experience aboard the Red Arrow

We took the Red Arrow from St. Petersburg to Moscow . We bought the tickets a month in advance and we no longer had the option available from our first class cabin without bathroom inside the room (cabin 1 class SV) which was the one that most interested us. So, as we were clear that we wanted to go yes or yes on this train and live a different experience, we paid to have room in the “Lux Cabin”.

In short, traveling on the Red Arrow train is a different plan in Russia that we liked very much and we recommend you . Even so, you choose whether you want to do this or resort to one of the other transportation options we discussed at the beginning of the post to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa.


What is a steam mop is better?

Modern appliances allow you to save a lot of free home time. In our time, it is not necessary to wash floors of the old method of “grandmother” – with a wooden mop and rags. This laborious method is clearly rooted in the past. Innovative steam mop to help tackle the floor cleaning faster and better.It should be a low-cost instrument and the luxury of buying can be absolutely any host. This article will deal with those in the details, what the Steam mop is better and how to make the right choice. Design tool

Steam mop is lightweight, multifunctional, working from home network. The power of these tools is usually about 5 kW of electricity they consume is not too much. Superficialally it resembles the usual equipment of traditional mop. The part often work Has a triangular shape and is attached to a long handle. The latter is generally adjustable in height.

Hostess to ask a question about what the steam mop is best is worth knowing that a tool of this type can be used not only for cleaning floors. Currently available models with removable steam generator. This item can be Used for the cleaning and pickling of clothes and furniture.Included with the mop is usually a large number of nozzles, designed to clean different types of floors.You can use this tool for the care of parquet, laminate, floors, tiles and So on. D.

The principle of

In fact, this is a conventional mopa steam cleaner. Its design includes a small tank, which is filled with water. When the mains takes its heat to reflux. The resulting hot steam is discharged through the holes in the bottom, And to soften the dirt. In addition, the available brush works on the lower surface of the working body. Therefore, with the floor removed stains and odors. At the same time made and disinfecting surfaces.

With this mop there is need to use all kinds of domestic chemical media. The intensity of the treatment adjusts the ability of the jet discharged from steam. To clean the garment and upholstery usually use the weak mode. For the care of carpet – medium The laminate of cardboard, floors and tiles are cleaned, including the tools to their maximum capacity.

Unfortunately, cleaning of polished windows, furniture and delicate fabrics can not use most models.

Steam Mop Species

So Mop it Steam better? Currently available devices have different: power

  • ;Weight
  • ;Number
  • Of functions;
  • Different modes of steam.

Steam Mop: Which is better?

Before buying the instrument is determined precisely why it is exactly what is needed. For example, if you want to only use it to wash floors in the usual city apartment, not necessarily to pay for a model with a large number Of tools and modes.

Of the weight of the device, of course, to a large extent, the ability to use it. The lighter the tool, the less they will get tired hands.However, for example, the carpet is better to clean the heavier mop.

Another aspect that must be taken care of to be sure – is the quality of plastic. Device, made from a thin and brittle material, probably does not serve much. Of course, purely visually determine how reliable a difficult material is. So, it is necessary to focus on the company-producer. Do not buy a mop unproven companies with a dubious reputation. Saving in this case is more than doubtful visit reviews for more details.

Data should see how long the device cable is. Of course, it should be enough to clean up the farthest corners of the apartment. Another important parameter – is the volume of the water tank. The compact swabs to 2.5 kg tank is very Small. Therefore, in the process of cleaning large surfaces they sometimes have to fill the water. Of course, this is not too convenient. However, a mop with large tanks and weigh respectively. With the purchase of such a model Heavy, it is necessary to pay attention primarily on the convenience and length of the grip. These latter have to be adjusted in height. This version – a little more comfortable steam mop. Which is better, so in this case depends on the size of the room.

As already mentioned, it is very easy to use, with mop steam generator considered removable.Use this element can not only steam cook clothes and furniture, but also for cleaning the stove, microwave, oven, interior Of the car, etc. D.

What could be packaging

Included with the mop can be supplied nozzles designed for:.

  • Atonement common contaminated sites.
  • Cleaning in places of difficult access.
  • Plumbers, showers, tiles. Since these fixtures are generally inclined on.
  • Smoking clothes.
  • Shutters cleaning. This species is most often made in the form of tentacles.
  • Window cleaning. This type is a special scraper.

microfiber cloth

When buying a mop, among other things, it is worth checking if an optional microfiber cloth. With the help of cleaning is much more careful. In some models, it is not. They are considered as less comfortable than the designs in the Which is present.

What should be the design

Now let’s see what design can have a steam mop. What is better? Vladivostok, Moscow, Leningrad or some not too big city – in any case, the sale can be sure to find options with a beautiful body In warm tones. Of course, the choice of color – business, totally dependent on the personal taste of the host. As for the shape, then it is advisable to buy a model with a working triangular body. This design allows for easy cleaning of corners And small spaces is sufficient.

Steam Mop: Which is better?

Of course, the view of this modern tool for most of the more positive housewives.It took note of the convenience of working with it as well as good quality of cleaning.However, sometimes a steam mop can be Listened to and not particularly flattering. But usually they sound from the lips of those who purchased Chinese products not too quality. So do not repeat the mistakes of those who are tempted by the cheapness of the instrument. It is better to overpay By a good model from a reputed manufacturer, but a reliable tool that can produce high quality cleaning.

So, on the question of what kind of a vapor mop best customer comments unambiguously – which is the most appropriate for that particular room and given specific tasks and also launched a proven company with a good reputation.If you select all We need to be considered.


So, ask questions about what is the best steam mop, the first thing you should do is how to choose your brand. Very popular manufacturers of these tools are currently the Bradex, Black Decker, Bissell, “Karcher”. Tool Housewives H2O MOP. Available in two varieties of mops X5 and X6. The first choice can be used not only for cleaning all floor coverings but also for window care, hair removal and dust Of the furniture, steam blankets and pillows. To stop mop H2O MOP X5 about three kilogramos.Para remove especially difficult dirt Comes with special metal brush.There is a mop as around 2,000 rubles.

H2O MOP X6 weighs a little less – 2.5 kg, and some more perfect constructive way. This modification is to adapt the operation modes and control special indication.Use this mop can, including washing kitchen appliances.So the response to The question of what is the best steam mop – X5 or X6, it is obvious. Also are very popular modifications H2O MOP Ultra and X12. The first choice is very useful for cleaning and pickling of clothes and furniture, such as the generator Steam is disconnected. The distinctive features are its greater capacity, and therefore the cleaning rate. Handle it rotate, allowing it to wash the floors in the most remote places.

Thus, H2O MOP – very good steam mop. The best model is the same – X12.Combina the advantages of the three has described above.In addition, it lacks the long pipe, which could interfere with the cleaning of vertical surfaces.

No mop laminated steam or parquet

Has lovers are often the question arises: is not it harmful to be a similar tool for laminating? Of course, the idea that the steam mop can ruin a coating error.Lamine this wonderful washing tool allowed.And in most Of cases, fairly safe. If you are still concerned about the safety of your sex, try to clean a small area first.

Only tip – cleaning in this case should be carried out regularly, and change the water in the tank frequently. Otherwise, surfaces may appear dirty divorce. After the cleaning tool so the laminate is completely dry , There is the danger of deformation sheet is completely absent.Equipos de parquet

As of course it will not be harmful.At the top of a steam mop can be used to polish it.It is not recommended to use this tool only for cleaning surfaces with wax.Model

What you should buy for laminate and parquet

Quite often you can hear the question about what is best for laminated steam mop. In principle, you can buy absolutely any model from reliable manufacturers. For example, for this type of coverage is very good approach is the same MOP H2O. Most often selected for laminated structure of medium weight and size.

In what areas can you use the steam mop

Suitable for the cleaning of rooms, not only in apartments in the city, but also in private homes. Steam traps are easy to use for cleaning very small and large rooms. Even in those areas where There are many difficult corners, working the steam mop is convenient.In this case, buy a model where it is not completed with a narrow nozzle.

How to use

Well, what to buy a steam mop, you know. Next, let’s see how, in fact, a tool to clean the floors. So in this case, work will be carried out in several stages:

  • Pours into the normal tap water tank. Do not worry about what will be in the tank scale. The design of mop quality tanks includes a set of special filters.
  • Once the water is poured, it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the red light does not change to blue.
  • Next tip is attached with Velcro.

Now you are ready to harvest. Once completed the job, you just have to put the swab in a vertical position. Turn off automatically. To wind the cable in the handle, and then put on a special mop, usually walk with it in the Kit.Precautions

When the steam mop creates a very hot steam jet.Therefore, care must be taken to use it.In any case it is impossible to guide the workpiece to people or animals.You should not pour over the ferry of mops and articles Fragile, especially in cold (for example, glass).

Without polishing wooden furniture, this unit can handle. But at the same time, to keep a mop in one place for a long time, since it is not recommended.

Well, we hope you can ask yourself the question, what is a steam mop is better? Choose a model based on the size of the room, functionality required and guided by manufacturers with a good reputation.In this case, cleaning the Apartment will become a pleasure, and the tool will last a long time.

Black Russian Terrier

The Russian Black Terrier (in Russian: Чёрный терьер), abbreviated as BRT, or a dog of Stalin (Sobaka Stalina) is a breed of dog, developed to serve as guard dog and police dog. It is rare outside the countries of the former Soviet Union, but begins to be formally recognized elsewhere: in July 2004, for example, it became one of the recognized breeds of the AKC. Despite its name, the Russian Black Terrier is not a true terrier: it is believed that about twenty breeds were used in its development, including the Airedale, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Caucasus Ovtcharka and the now extinct Moscow Water Dog.

The Russian Black Terrier gives the impression of great strength, agility and courage. It should be rustic (but not thick) in appearance, and should not look as if its coat is carved or trimmed. They should never appear to lack substance or be weak in any way.

Coat The coat is a double coat with a thick outer guard coat over a softer undercoat. The coat is hard and dense, not soft, woolly, silky or curly. It should be between 5 to 15 cm (2-6 inches) in length. It should form a beard and eyebrows on the face, and a slight mane around the cross and neck that is most pronounced in males. The coat is of low detachment and the color is black with some scattered hairs.

Size According to the FCI standard the male is 72 to 76 cm and not more than 78 cm at the cross compared to the female’s 68-72 cm and not more than 74 cm. The male weighs between 50 and 60 kg (110-132 pounds), and the female dogs under 50 pounds. Nowadays, even bigger people are tolerated if the dog is well proportioned and retains the correct movements. At maturity (over 18 months of age), the AKC standard recommends 27 to 30 inches for men with the desired height between 27 and 29 inches and 26 and 29 inches for women with the desired height between 26 and 28 inches . An adult male, less than 27 inches or more than 30 inches on the cross is considered a serious offense. A mature female of less than 26 inches or more than 29 inches on the cross is considered a serious offense. Although the standard also states that “height consideration should weigh no more than type, proportion, movement and other functional attributes.” In proportions, a Russian Black Terrier should be a little longer than tall, a ratio of 9 ½ to 10 is ideal.

Temperament The character and temperament of the Russian Black Terrier is of utmost importance. The Russian Black Terrier is a calm, confident, brave and confident dog. He is very intelligent and adapts well to training. The Russian Black Terrier was initially bred to guard and protect. He is alert and sensitive, by instinct of protection, determined, courageous, deeply loyal to the family, is distant and therefore not savor the intrusion of strangers into his personal space. Shyness or excessive excitability is a serious fault.

Care The Russian Black Terrier, because of his upbringing as a working dog, has a very strong “work ethic”, and needs a job to do to be happy. Early training is a must and they are very sensitive to signature, constant training, excel in obedience competitions. They also work well in other dog sports, such as agility and Schutzhund training. They have a low-shedding coat, and need to clean several times a week. Dogs that compete in the conformation need to be prepared at least every three weeks to keep the coat in show condition. The Russian Black Terrier needs a lot of exercise, and can become hyperactive and destructive if he does not have the opportunity to burn his energy.

Health The Russian Black Terrier is a healthy general and somewhat long-lived dog (shelf life from 10 to 14 years), however, it is prone to certain hereditary diseases: Major concerns Hip dysplasia Elbow dysplasia Hyperuricosuria Minor concerns Progressive atrophy Of retina (PRA) In an interview with staff Optigen in 2012, I do not remember having a Russian Black Terrier reported to them. This is why it is very important to spot any potential breeders as well as their offspring. A well intentioned breeder will have all health checks throughout the breeding stock before making the decision to breed their dogs. While health checks on breeding animals can not guarantee a puppy will not develop health problems later on, it is important to “do your homework” on any potential breeder.

History The Russian Black Terrier was developed in the former Soviet Union by the state for use as military / working dogs. Livestock was largely imported from occupied countries, especially East Germany. Races used in development include the Airedale Terrier, Caucasian Ovcharka, Newfoundland, Giant and Standard Schnauzer and the now extinct water dog Moscow. BRT were bred for their ability to work, rather than the appearance and early examples only looked like today’s Russian Terrier Black in its construction and shelter type. The BRT was bred only by the state-owned Red Star kennel until 1957, when some puppies were sold to the breeders. These breeders began to breed for looks (as the original was fairly straightforward), maintaining the ability to work. Over time, the race spread to the Balkans, Ukraine and Siberia, and later to Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the United States. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1984. On July 1, 2004, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club [AKC] in the Working Group. The Canadian Kennel Club has the Russian Black Terrier as “quoted” (formally Various Class) breeds in the Working Group. Black Russian Terrier Terrier from Canada

Makeup Russia, beauty and fitness revelation of secrets

“Why are Russian women more beautiful than others?” This is a question that has plagued many women for centuries. Her, young skin, impeccable style and perfect slender form stole the dream of many people around the world. When it comes to the long awaited revelation of this secret, you could, of course, be surprised to know that the main secret behind its incomparable beauty lies in its lifestyle. Did you know that Russian women walk more than the Americans? It is probably the main factor that helps keep them fit and active throughout the year.

Here are some amazing facts about Russian beauties:

Beauty Secrets of Russia:


The desire to be beautiful: it would be wrong to comment that Russian women are beautiful, as they love to look beautiful forever. The desire to be beautiful is the greatest among Russian women. An ordinary woman, who has not been blessed with the so-called natural beauty, also puts her best to look attractive in front of everyone. Remember the ‘Biggest loser’ TV show and as you saw afterwards some ordinary participants looking glamorous dolls? Looking beautiful is just another passion that the Russians have in their blood.

Hit the face: Yes, you heard right! If you want to look sexy like those Russians, you should give a pat (obviously a little) that puts on makeup. If you look closely at the sharp faces and toned Russian beauties, you would easily realize how they got that glamorous.

‘Bling and Chick’ Fashion: You can easily place Russian women in the crowd for their “Bling and chick ‘fashion statements. In general, wearing high heels and is passionate about metallic colors. These girls also prefer high fashion street-tight suits that expose the beauty of their bodies vividly.

Russian Makeup Secrets:

Eye makeup: The Russians are trick-loving people. I never step without proper retouching. No wonder, you should always find your perfect picture at any time of the day. These Russians are blessed with large, expressive eyes, which have their center of attraction. To make your eyes look beautiful, apply generous coat of mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. Tips: when you get home and removed your makeup, try to apply pilaten mask.

Bars glossy lips: Pale skin and whitish Russians contrast with the vivid and bright colors they wear. Most Russian women prefer to apply bright colors like red and brown on their lips. In normal times also, usually, do not leave without lip gloss, due to the dry climate of the region and winter.

Bouquet: After Paris, Russia is the second best paradise of fragrances. Russian women prefer to apply fruity, light fragrances. If you ever visit Russia, do not forget to buy some of the world class products from reputed brands.

Secrets for a Russian:

Walking: As previously shared, Russian women are ‘walkaholics. They love to walk as much as possible. If your workplace is nearby, a Russian woman would not be picking up the car or a bus. She would go there on foot. Walking seems to be your favorite exercise. What’s more, actually walk fast!

Swimming: Although Russia has a cool climate, glam dolls Russian dare to swim all year. Their love to swim with them celestial bodies that are naturally beautiful.

Active Lifestyle: forget the glamor dolls, Russian women are very common active throughout the day. They are self-sufficient and love to work on their own. This is another big secret behind his physical state.

Cycling: If a Russian woman does not walk much, would have been the safe cycling. Cycling is another favorite sport of the Russians.

Secrets of the Russian diet:

Root vegetables: Russia has a cold climate, women out there prefer to eat root vegetables. Although these are a bit ‘more calories, they tend to burn fat by exercising.

Hot Soups: Russians really like hot soups vegetables. I prefer vegetarian dish for non-vegetarians, and their soups are a lot of root vegetables too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the beautiful Russian girls.


For those of us who have struggled for years to lose weight and have tried every diet known to man, the Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapidamente could be the last trip on the roller coaster diet. You’ve probably heard of weight loss plan of hCG, seen the infomercial or have done their own research and now want to know the skinny on how diet.

The hCG diet plan hCG is not difficult, but 500 calories per day can seem daunting. And, you may have heard that you have to get shots or go to a doctor for them. Neither it is true – there are now oral drops that can be purchased online or at the nearest homeopathic pharmacy that will produce the same results as with injections.

How hCG diet includes a restrictive diet 21 days and during that time it will take hormone hCG injection, oral drops or pill form. Before starting the diet of 500 calories per day, you can “load up” your caloric intake by eating foods high in fat, such as creams, sauces and avocados. It sounds good, right? Enjoy cargo to day, because the next 21 days will test your willpower. 500 calories per day diet includes foods and portions are very specific. Protein is a very important part of this diet plan, and you will eat lean meats such as beef, veal, chicken breasts and limited options fish.The hCG diet may be especially difficult if you are a vegetarian. But if you are diligent, you can make substitutions that work.

How hCG diet if you are a vegetarian it means you’ll replacing the ricotta, eggs and meat fat yogurt without. No information available online that will give you ideas and part sizes.Breakfast includes nothing more than tea or coffee sweetened with Stivea and lunch and dinner should be a part of the meat with a type of vegetable at each meal – no mix vegetables.

You also get a lot of fruit, but the HCG diet is specific about the types. Be sure and check what types of fruit are allowed on the diet plan.One remarkable fact about weight loss plan is that hCG hormone, hCG tends to return to sculpt your body while you are losing weight.

Another good thing about the HCG diet plan is that when your metabolism is restored, your body will keep burning calories from fat, even when you stop the diet and go back to eating normal followers foods.Some plan report weight loss hCG you should take supplements of vitamins and minerals during the serving of 500 calories per day plan. That warning was not included in Dr. Simeons’ original way of HCG diet plan, however While most diets recommend exercise, plan hCG not recommended strenuous exercise -.

A walk in the fresh air is recommended though.If you are wondering how hCG diet that works for you, keep in mind that weight loss is rapid and most followers report that did not gain the weight back. do your own research and make your own decision about whether this plan is right for you

Russian tourist reasons to go to Mauritius as a destination

Mauritius is one of the most spectacular destinations and reasons not lacking. To this list the following points.


Photography Adamina

1. The nature of the island

The Mauritius has a fantastic geography in each corner of the island. This is expressed in its flora and fauna, but also of course for its beaches and vegetation on the island.

Mauritius as a destination

Photography jennifrog

2. It is a multiracial country

On the island of Mauritius entire social community and ethnicity live together in peace and harmony. Here are Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, descendants of Chinese and Europeans.

3. Beaches of Mauritius

Mauritius is well known for its fascinating calm, clear and soft white sand beaches sea. Most beaches are in the lagoons protected by coral reefs. So you are presented protected, quiet and peaceful throughout the campaign.

4. Culture of Mauritius

Under the natural beauty of the landscape of the island of Mauritius, the island culture is shown shaped by thousands of years of living with cultural ethnic groups who have been on the island and are reflected in their food, religion and way of live. This training has made the island natives are people with high social values, which is reflected in the good treatment with tourists.

5. Accommodations in Mauritius

In Mauritius, you’ll be sure to find all kinds of hotels , villas and other types of rural accommodation that you can choose. The accommodations are presented to your needs and taste, whether you are looking for a hotel that is well known or whether some of the modest accommodation on the island there is a large selection from which you can choose.

Reasons for choosing Mauritius

Photography garybembridge

6. Dream place for honeymoon

If you’ve dreamed of being isolated on a tropical island with your beloved, a honeymoon in villas mauritius would be the perfect answer. Its waters are like an emerald in the Indian Ocean, it is easy to get lost in its scenic beauty while enjoying their honeymoon.

7. The Mauritian cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a mixture of the culinary traditions of France, India, China and Africa.Those people who have lived on the island throughout the history of Mauritius, have incorporated their cuisine with local fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Thus the variety of flavors and aromas of the cuisine of Mauritius is a pleasure at the tables.

Mauritian cuisine

Photography caccamo

8. Water Sport

Discover the wonderful underwater tropical landscape and its flora and fauna full of multicolored forms while doing various water sports in Mauritius. The water sports on the island is presented very exciting and full of adventure .

9. Golf holidays

Yes, surprising as it may be heard, Mauritius has rapidly emerged as a perfect destination for golf holidays. The landscape of Mauritius with its beaches, scenic mountains and plateaus is ideal for golfing.

10. spa holidays

All hotels first class and resorts in Mauritius have exclusive spa centers that have a goal in mind, meet the minimum personal care. Some spas are even specialized in the very essence of the stay to meet relaxation and well – being.

The best Soviet films: in memory of Eldar Ryazanov

The night of 29 to 30 November died in Moscow the Soviet director Eldar Ryazanov and Russian at the age of 88 years. According to the media, the cause of death was heart and lung failure.


“It was overflowing author of films that were unlike anything seen before.Ryazanov was the Soviet director and Soviet less simultaneously. Author of comedies and tragedies. His style and tone instantly recognized “- writes in his Facebook film critic Anton Dolin.

This director, actor, screenwriter, producer, television presenter and teacher was born on November 18, 1927. His first feature, “Carnival Night”, shot in 1956, was not only the highest grossing movie of the moment, but became in a cult film and received a special diploma from the Edinburgh International Festival.

Henceforth, virtually all Ryazanov films were box office leader in the USSR .

In all, Ryazanov directed 28 films, 12 documentaries, wrote 22 screenplays and television on numerous cycles of international cinema. In addition to a huge amount of Russian awards, Eldar Ryazanov received the Order of Literature and Arts of France.

RBTH remembers the 5 films of Ryazanov best known worldwide, you can easily find them on movie2k

1. “Beware of the car”, 1966

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

A lyrical comedy based on the urban legend of “Robin Hood modern” stealing cars bandits and corrupt, sells and delivers the money to orphanages. Almost immediately after the release of the film, the name of the protagonist, Yuri Détochkin, became a common name in the USSR , and in 2012 in Samara a monument was erected to this character.Surprisingly, the film also received very good reviews at film festivals: jury awards received in Melbourne, Sydney and Edinburgh.

2. “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”, 1973

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

A Russian-Italian film production, filmed in collaboration with director Franco Prosperi and produced by film legend Dino De Laurentiis. It is a comedy about finding some Italian adventurers in Russia of a treasure hidden by a Russian emigrant. This film is a parody of Western action films of the era, such as the Oscar-winning “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” by Stanley Kramer.

3. “Irony of fate, or enjoy your bath!”, 1975

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

The greatest television success in Russia, since opening on January 1, 1976, attended by 100 million viewers. This film is broadcast every year on New Year ‘s Day in the major national television channels. The protagonist is the famous Polish actress Barbara Brylska. It is an ironic Christmas comedy about love and problems of the techniques of Soviet construction, which could lead to absurd situations as not only two buildings but also the locks on the doors of two apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg will result identical.

4. “cruel A romance” 1984

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

film adaptation of the classic “No dowry”, the Russian playwright Aleksander Ostrovsky. This film, one of the few dramas loving Ryazanov, provoked a wave of angry criticism from Soviet experts (by differences regarding the plot of the play), but the hearts of the people won. One of his best characters (the playboy nobleman Sergei Parátov) is played by Russian actor and director Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov. The film received the Grand Prix International Film Festival of India.

5. “Office Romance”, 1977

Ria NovostiRia Novosti

Like most movies Ryazanov, this comedy about the relationship between a simple clerk and single father and the director of the institution became a success right after its release. In 1978, the prestigious film magazine Ekran Sovietskii USSR named “Film of the Year”. In 2011 the director Sarik Andreasián filmed a sequel in Russia: “Office Romance. A new era. ”

Best cosmetic dentist in Russia
A good smile is a reflection of our good humor, our desire to communicate and solve many problems. In addition, the beauty and health of your teeth is one indicator of their status, and is an integral part of the image. That’s why only fiamos care of our smile trusted specialists, highly trained – experienced professionals. so are the professionals working in the company “VladMiVa”.

Director General EEZ “VladMiVa” Dr. of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of AMTS of the Russian Federation, Vice President Rosi
VP Chuev
For many years, the company “VladMiVa” develops and produces materials for use in various fields of dentistry.Among our products you can find a wide range of dental materials: glass ionomer cements, braces color wheel, composite materials, materials for medical treatment and filling of channels, medicinal materials, preventive medications. It is an exhaustive list.
special attention to the production of materials for orthopedic dentistry and dental laboratories is provided. It is assimilated industrial production alginate, silicone material of varying viscosity. Dental technicians offer different types of wax: basic, modeler, cervical, sticky, close, wax wire. For dental laboratories produce ceramic pots of different configurations for different types of casting machines. 
The new direction of our work is the development of biocompatible materials for osteoplásticos maxillofacial implants, oral surgery and. 
Research in the field of science of dental materials has always been a priority for the company. Pilot Plant “VladMiVa” produces more than 300 types of dental materials developed by our research department.
As the producer of the material for odontologí, the company “VladMiVa” offers dentists ever increasing range of equipment for cabinets and dental laboratories: braces “Selena 2.000” (fixed, mobile and portable), hydraulic units with configuration different basic, additional dental equipment.Our Customer Sevice department allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the demands of consumers.
Since 2004 are commercially available dental burs “rosbel” 6 different types of spray using natural diamonds for different types of dental handpieces.
In 2009 the company “VladMiVa” created a new line of diamond dental burs with an additional nitride coating or double nitruro.Con wear resistant coating to a significant increase in the service life of the tool is provided increase.
For prosthodontics offer diamond discs (unilateral, bilateral and edge). Diamond discs have a high capacity of resistance to wear.
In 2011 the company Pilot Plant “VladMiVa” received the certification of quality management system ISO 1.3485: 2003 (GOST R ISO 13485-2004).
For our customers and partners the certification of quality management system demonstrates the reliability and capacity of the company for production, not only complies with all international quality standards, but also to individual customer needs.
The company has developed its commercial services in a very active way.
Our affiliates in Kursk, Orel, Stary Oskol, Voronezh and Moscow have been very successful.
Year after year have been growing exports of our products.
We supply products to more than 19 dental clinics and companies “Medtécnica” Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others.
Currently we deliver our production to more than 30 countries among which are: USA, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Romania, Mongolia, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States among others. It is important to note that 30% of the volume of production is exported abroad.
Today “VladMiVa” is an innovative company that comprise more than 300 employees, also has a set of original solutions for the development and production of new dental materials.
For its achievements the company has received several Certificates, Diplomas of Honor, patents and others.
Thanks to the help of the administration of the Belgorod region and the Fund helps small businesses in the area of scientific and technical research (Moscow), our company has developed new advances according to compliance with the latest requirements.

Best films to understand the Russian soul

“Of all the arts for us cinema is the most important,” Lenin once said, and he was absolutely right. The Russians imitate their favorite movie characters, behaved and dressed like them, they read the same books and listened to the same music. Movie4k made a list of successful films that most influenced the Russian mentality. You are able to watch these films in HD on project free tv for free.

1. Night carnival (musical comedy, 1956, 49 million viewers)



While employees of a club in a Soviet city preparing for year – end party, an old bureaucrat surnamed swanky Ogurtsov tries to spoil the party making it a boring lecture. Now the plot is trivial, but in 1956 was quite innovative.After Stalin’s death three years earlier, came a policy known as the ‘thaw’.Finally some freedom of expression allowed the directors and Night Carnival became one of the landmarks of the new times. Ogurtsov became the negative symbol of a bygone era, and the fun was already an important part of Russian mentality.

For the first time since 1930 viewers could hear a real band jazz in a Soviet film: in the 40s and early 50s music jazz was declared ‘inappropriate’ by the government and some singers were victims of repression.

Source: youtube / советские комедии

2.  The White Sun of the Desert (western, 1970, 50 million viewers).



During the stagnation of the 1970s, the Soviet people urgently needed a heroic figure on the screen. The Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov, star ofThe White Sun of the Desert , appeared just in time. The director, Vladimir Motil, wanted to shoot a real western Soviet, and succeeded: he created a very discreet, poignant and deeply patriotic piece.

After the war, Sukhov undertakes the way back home through an Asian desert, where the harem of the local criminal Abdullah and decides to protect women from being murdered by her cruel husband. Throughout the film many characters die, but the honorable intentions of Sukhov always come to fruition. Sukhov is also a romantic hero dreams of returning to see his beloved wife Katerina Matveyeva, symbolizing home and Russia itself.

The soundtrack of the film, composed by famous songwriter Bulat Okudzhava and film music composer Isaak Shwartz, acquired great popularity, especially a song titled Your Honor Dona Fortuna (Russian Vashe blagorodie Gospozha Udacha )

But studio bosses were not happy with the film and sent the tape to mount several times, cut some scenes and even raised them in the closet.Fortunately, the then Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev saw the film by chance, loved and ordered to be released.

Source: youtube / Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

3. Ivan Vasilevich changes profession (comedy and science fiction, 1973, 60 million viewers).



There is no one in the former Soviet Union who does not know Leonid Gaidai, a director remembered for his films inspired by the most authentic people. Especially popular was the comic trilogy Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik , The Captive of the Caucasus and Ivan Valílievich change of profession .

In fact, as the plot is concerned, it is no trilogy, but the style of the director and the genre itself that match. In the first film, the young bride Shurik physical check and get their first job; in the second, he travels to theCaucasus, meets another girl and rescues her from her abductors; and third, based on a play Bulgakov (author of the cult novel The Master and Margarita ), the young scientist creates a time machine accidentally swapping Ivan the Terrible with the official Soviet Bunsha boring. The film is a typical sitcom, with misunderstandings, shouting, racing, falls, etc., but it is very clever and has superb songs and poignant moments.

Many current cliches come from these three films.

Source: youtube / Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

4. Never change the meeting point (police, TV series, 1979, 80 million viewers).



This five – part series tells the story of two detectives to Moscow in 1946, they are ordered to catch the villain Black Cat, a known thief and murderer.The young policeman Sharapov has just returned from World War II and remains an honest and brave man, a rather naive romantic. His boss Zheglov is a controversial figure, capable of anything (bordering on illegality) to achieve their aims. His motto, as catchy as to continue to beused until today (even by President Putin), was as follows: “The site of a thief is in jail.” Despite the ambiguity of the character, the public had apenchant for Zheglov, characterized by the witty and charismatic Soviet artist Vladimir Visotski .

The crime rate in the USSR fell sharply during the five nights when the series aired, because everybody stayed home watching Zheglov pursuing criminal networks.

Source: / kwaker008

5.  Brother (Thriller, 1997, 146,000 viewers in cinema, millions of copies of VHS and DVD sold).



This cult film director Alexei Balabanov is distinguished from the others on the list because it symbolizes a new era, post – Soviet Russia. Thanks to its representation of Danila Bagrov, the protagonist of the series, Sergei Bodrov son became the hero of the new generation.

An ex-soldier travels to St. Petersburg to visit his brother, who asks him to kill a mob boss; then a maelstrom of murders and shootings breaks.

This film operates a kind of very representative of Russia in the 90 new character: the offender honest. The moral aspect disappears from the plot: Danila kills people and has an aggressive behavior, but also has its truth and its own code of honor, which is contained in these words: “who has the truth has force.”


In addition, music awakens the most emotional side of the character, especially his favorite band, Nautilus Pompilius, whose songs are included on the soundtrack. Music is like a beacon amid this ocean of violence.

In 2000 came the sequel Brother 2 . On this occasion Danila travels to the US and faces many problems to discover that no country is better than Russia, while his brother, attracted by the American dream, decides to stay in the US .

Source: youtube / CTBFilm

How to rent an apartment in Russia

1After finding my laptop, lost in a box, and fight me for an hour with the Internet provider, I sit on the kitchen table in my apartment just rented and start writing the story of how we found each to the other.

I am a writer of RBTH 25 years and my new and cozy house was built according to a standard project of an unknown Soviet architect in the 1980s, composed of blocks of flats unattractive. Most apartments renting in Moscow are precisely in such buildings. Siberia A friend of mine even got to say, “Kira, this looks like the ghetto of Moscow”.

In the Russian capital real estate market of mauritius apartments. The owners of the flats can go directly to various agencies. The pricing is far from transparent and real estate agents have a habit of not returning calls.But despite all this, I was lucky to rent my apartment. Largely because I came to some important conclusions from previous failures themselves and unfortunate experiences of my friends.

The first apartment I rented was in September three years ago. I do not advise it. At this time the real estate market in Moscow is something unimaginable. The city reach students and residents of other regions in search of work. Real estate agents and owners all start to go crazy: this month the prices grow faster than the market and soar while in October have to backtrack.

5 to 10% per year: grow at this rate rental prices of apartments in Moscow. It means that if you have rented today a good one-bedroom apartment in the area of Automobile Ring Moscow (MKAD) for $ 1,000 (35,000 rubles) per month, must not surprise you if, after one year, for whatever reason forsake this floor is assessed again by real estate agents in $ 1,100 and, after 2 years, 1,210.

The good thing about this is that tenants do not change and remain flat over a year, usually do not raise their rental price. I have an acquaintance who lives for ten years in a two-bedroom apartment in the area of the Sokol metro and pays $ 560 (20,000 rubles) a month for your car ten years old. For this price you can expect now only rent a room in a three-room apartment in the same area.

There is the expression ‘babushka style’. So they called floors that have not been renovated in the last two decades. In them you will find the ubiquitous elements of the Soviet past of any ‘babushka’ (grandmother) Russian: dresser with an old set of china closet, a dusty tapestry hanging on the wall, a balcony with a broken bicycle and countless shelves that back to the Brezhnev era.

The cheapest apartments in Moscow average cost of US $ 790 (28,000 rubles). First class floors have a starting price of $ 1,130 (40,000 rubles) for this amount can get comfortable accommodation near the meter, equipped with technology, furnished and intercom.

Good apartments Moscow fly, such as freshly baked pastries. Once I found in the classified section an unbeatable offer: I got in touch with the real estate agent and said I went to see him in half an hour. I was surprised and told him to take to arrive at least 40 minutes. When I showed up at the place after that period of time, the apartment was already rented. Since then I myself try to convince realtors to teach me the story that interests me as soon as possible.

It is a tempting option, since it saves the realtor commission, which in Moscow amounts to one month’s rent. I have many friends who have been lucky renting their apartments through ads on social networks. But you always run the risk of bump scammers.

And the last thing surprised me: support groups. With this peculiar phenomenon I met a week ago, when I went to rent the same apartment from which I write this article.When I came here last Monday, we met several people squeezed. In addition to the owner of the apartment and real estate agent in the room there were six people who had come to see him. Almost immediately it became clear that these six people representing a single interested. A young couple had taken a couple of friends and two estate agents to see it, as “moral support.”

This demonstration of enthusiasm scared the owner while my real estate agent came over and we proposed a rebate if we closed the deal immediately. From this I have drawn two conclusions you: keep calm and believe in luck. In Moscow it never hurts!

Appeal head of physical fitness of the nation to open its second location in Texas

whrmontTexas will again indulge in five-star service that have been foreseeing the Equinox Fitness Clubs. Recourse head of physical fitness of the nation will open its second location in Texas Preston Depression, today, the December 21, 2009.

“There has been a huge demand for an innovative resource, focusing on the values of physical fitness in several urban cities where the market is under-served,” says Harvey Spevak, CEO for Equinox. “Opening our second location in Texas, our goal is to meet the needs of a discriminating consumer who demands the best and currently does not have a chance to get it.” According to Cize Review, the new resource of Texas, located on the Way of Hillcrest in Depression Preston equipment and programs tip, well maintained environment, atmosphere inspired training and unmatched focus on the experience of the pieces he has always done Equinoccio such success will boast.

“In designing our strategy of increased new, metropolitan areas,” says Spevak, “we decided to focus on the resident and the Depression of Preston who work there. We believe that these are individuals who appreciate quality and innovation in its way of life and – when it comes to physical fitness – have not experienced the true integration of mind, body and soul that the Equinox has to offer.

The intersection of Preston and Northwest Highway is a special address. It is the heart of the community Depression Preston, just a few miles north of the resort of Preston Depression, and it is here where local inspiration was drained.

Surrounded by beautiful, the, well kept Chateau, and a vibrant, active, social, Equinoccio houses inspired wanted to create a place where friends would want to collect.

As the great halls of Europe that were the social heart of the community, the Equinox will introduce a dramatic 2-story staircase that invite patrons to the resort. Upon arriving at the “Piano Nobile” the salon experience continues with a large open floor and a view of 200 feet concludes with a balcony and covers the upper terrace with a large water feature.

The material selections also flowed from the rich tradition of the Hall. Beautiful warm white, highlighted with jewel tones create a clean and luxurious space.

Barnaul physicians peppered road pit casts of teeth

Doctors decided to fight with the holes on the roads in Barnaul using casts of human teeth, photographs published by Freedom Dental Melbourne.

Dental technicians believe that in this way they will help road builders who do not have time to repair the road surface, particularly on the street, Zarinsk.

Recall that in the Altai Territory residents tried to draw the authorities’ attention to the problem of bad roads in different ways. So, Rubtsovsk locals fished in road pitsand even swam in the boat .

The Russian crisis could end the team Accountant

According to its owner Oleg Tinkov, yes. The financial crisis that has been installed in Russia could he force the banker to withdraw its sponsorship of the cycling squad, as stated in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

“If the sanctions of the EU against Russia continues, they cripple the Russian economy and the Bank Tinkoff would be involved, so I would have to close my commitment to the world of cycling. And I do not know if I could find a new sponsor in Europe , “said this television Tinkov economic information.

In addition, the team owner added gravity to this complicated economic situation in his country after the devaluation of the national currency and the economic sanctions of the European Union. “I have 80 employees who are paid from Denmark to Spain. If we press, we may 80 people in Europe lose their jobs because of these sanctions,” he said.

The Tinkoff-Saxo is one of the largest and most economic power of World Tour teams, as their ranks are some of the more cyclists paid as the meter itself, Slovak Peter Sagan and Czech Roman Kreuziger . Without neglecting the important cache Michael Rogers or Rafal Majka.

He insists his idea of the great

On the challenge that the Tinkov himself put on the table a few months ago, namely, that a cyclist could run and aspire to victory in the three grand tours, the Russian tycoon says that if anyone can do it, that’s online bookkeeper.

A Russian Dj converts a digital plate Technics on (video)

Yes, what you hear, we do not stop faxes arrive at the office with this amazing video. What has not been able or willing to get the industry, he has developed an understanding of the Russian electronic modifying a Technics SL-1200 fully digital analog in an authentic dish, and most importantly, without losing analog functions.

The style of James Bond, this dish is hiding a secret operation, if you hold down the buttons speed while brakes are the power button … voila! DVS MODE ON ! And what is the DVS MODE ?, For a system created by our friend, capable of playing tracks digital with vinyl control, but eye, without a computer, the system has an integrated micro controller and SD card with storage of own tracks .

The perfect combination of touch Technics more digital files already knew thanks to mobile dj melbourne, but without a computer represents a revolution and even more if you use the pushbuttons of Technics own to have reference points (CUE) on the slopes themselves, as we could find in any digital plate.

The answer is automatic, we observed no signs of lag and performance seems totally stable, also possible to stroll through folders songs in comfort jumping from one to another, make this system a real treat.

It seems to have thought of everything when developing operation. Among the most important functions, we can select the tracks and move forward or backward within the track itself, all in the botonoría speeds 33 45. While pressing Start / Stop spent the next mode, getting up two points CUE , one again, using the pushbuttons 33 45. In the video we see how the system also provides for the mode loop  feeling perfect touch with auto answer, and that does not lack detail this electronic engineering.

Everything seems to be careful millimeter and works with amazing warranties, or so it seemed to us in the viewing of that so far, is the only video that has appeared on the networks of this micro controller adapted.

10 Best Places For Pregnant Women in Russia

Everyone knows that moms who need a vacation decente. The walls of the house, of course, is good, but a woman real vacation give a special sanatorium for women in pregnancy. Under the supervision of doctors in centers gyn nyc you can gain strength before the next birth, rest and improve their health.

  • Sanatorium “complex Sestroretsk»

It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Parks), thirty-five kilometers from San Petersburgo.Las pregnant women

Sestroretsky Resort

in the vacation home you can take a special course that will carry out easily a pregnancy, and to overcome all the problems that arise in the way of women at risk.This course called “Healthy Pregnancy” .The based on clínica.Todas principles of effectiveness and safety expectant mothers nursing home employees are a personal approach.

Sestroretsky Resort

For those who want to work “School of pregnant women” Personal Médic or qualified women resort provide good holiday and excellent support for the body.

  • Sanatorium “Biryusinka Plus»

It is located in a wooded area of Samara.No for expectant mothers it provides full monitoring healthcare.

Plus sanatorium Biryusinka

Important is also the observance of a sanatorium regime resting and feeding – feeding takes place 5 times a day.The food is varied and tasty diet meals are provided.

Plus sanatorium Biryusinka

While on vacation, in addition to medical examinations and procedures, women have the opportunity to long walks on the naturaleza.Park “Biryusinka Plus” “local” rich – proteins that are eaten with great pleasure that was them nuts.

Plus sanatorium Biryusinka

  • Sanatorium “Amur Bay»

This resort is located in Vladivostok.La organization specializes in the treatment of pregnant women with abnormal medical procedures cardiovascular.Los system

Sanatorium Amur Bay

are in harmony with the cleanest air, fantastic nature and mild maritime climate has a positive effect on the body for future moms.

Sanatorium Amur Bay

During leisure ladies in the position it offered significant and useful procedure – massage.

  • Sanatorium “Green Town”

located within walking distance of the city of Ivanovo, on the banks of the river in the eye, in a very good location escénica.Sanatorio specializing in diseases of the liver, stomach and intestinal ailments, diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder.

The resort town green

the year in the “Green City” operates a children’s camp.

For pregnant at the resort offers a full range of servicios.La prolonged exposure to fresh air it promotes healing and strengthening the cuerpo.Sin doubt the best in the resort of gynecologists service, ready at all times to provide assistance experts.

The resort town green

for pregnant women on the walls of the station it offered sessions with a psychologist, works “School of the young mother.”

  • Sanatorium “Sokolniki”

This institution is one of the oldest in Rusia.Anteriormente, was the vacation home, which is subsequently converted into a sanatorium for pregnant women.

Sokolniki sanatorium

Recently resort “Sokolniki” is full of new buildings with cameras avanzadas.El complex it offers prevention of threatened abortion, anemia, growth retardation syndrome braking and fetoplatsentranoy failure.

also provided prenatal.Para pregnant preparation compiled a special program that offers a daily weight, day mode, an unborn baby heartbeat measurement, heart rate and pressure arterial.Madres

Sokolniki sanatorium

Pregnant women can attend physiotherapy, massage and classes natación.Todo is carried out under the supervision of an instructor.

Sokolniki sanatorium

to prevent and reduce emotional relaxation sessions overload perfect celebradas.Tratamiento painted twenty days.

  • Sanatorium “fontanelas Kashirskie”

The facility is located in the small town of Kashira Kropotovo district of the Moscow region, far from the main roads and settlements.

Sanatorium Fontanelas Kashirskie

The resort offers a wellness program for pregnant women with early toxicosis, the threat of fetal growth retardation, anemia.

Sanatorium Fontanelas Kashirskie

The structure of a traditional treatment program includes dentist ultrasound, thermotherapy, magnetic, electro-light, inhalations, manual massage and hidroterapia.Después a medical examination is possible to assign additional treatment.

Sanatorium Fontanelas Kashirskie

  • health center “complex Ershovo”

built at a distance of fifty kilometers from Moscow, near Zvenigorod.

Health Resort Ershovo

Complete wellness course at the institution can all pregnant women spineless diseases pregnant women crónicas.Para management course provides preparation for childbirth and procedures to improve immunity.

Health Resort Ershovo

As part of the basis of medical diagnosis of a solarium, laser treatment, physical therapy, massage, dental care, emergency care, swimming pool and treatment rooms.

Health Resort Ershovo

also offered advice to pregnant women professionals (obstetrician – gynecologist, therapist and psychologist).

  • Sanatorium “Aksakov dawns»

It is located on the banks of the reservoir Pyalovskoe.El Guests are invited to treat pregnant women with complications of the cardiovascular system.

Aksakov Sanatorium Zori

for pregnant women in the “dawns Aksakovsky” offered office gynecology, dentistry, physiotherapy department, functional diagnostics, study of psychological relief, light and electrotherapy, spa.

  • Sanatorium “water Lihvinskie”

Women resort offers a two special weeks of residence.

Sanatorium water Lihvinskie

Motherhood is provided every three days – obstétrica.Todos therapeutic examination and measured fetal heart rate, pulse and blood pressure pregnant ponders day.

Sanatorium water Lihvinskie

In the absence of contraindications for pregnant women physiotherapy program focuses on teaching writing pregnant rational breathing, strengthening the abdominal muscles, childbirth preparation psicomotriz.Instituciones

  • Sanatorium «Alushta»

Special – respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, cardiac and circulatory diseases in the field of gynecology and diseases of the organs urogenitales.La indication for the treatment of women is pregnancy, which came into the background or after of the specified diseases.

sanatorium Alushta

The course consists of the rehabilitation of balneotherapy, climatotherapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, and treatment of mineral waters.

sanatorium Alushta

moms, pay due attention to good nutrition and adequate rest during pregnancy – which will serve as the key to a healthy and happy baby!


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